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Meet Our Owners

Meet Our Founders: Meet the Team

Jamil, a chef and Stacey, a former Elementary School Teacher. Established in 2021, this dynamic couple has created syrups like no other. It all started with the now Best Selling Sweet Potato syrup and continuing with Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry Cranberry Orange and the list continues. 
These syrups have been created to be used not just as a pancake syrup, but also in drinks like coffee, tea, lemonade and cocktails, as well as a glaze for pork, turkey and chicken. Moreover, drizzling Sweet Farm syrups over ice cream, cheesecake, smoothies bowls and parfaits are a few fan favorites. 
In just 2 years, this husband and wife team have grown their business to now being in large chain grocery stores, including Lowes Foods, Harris Teeter and 25 North Carolina-based stores, co-ops, bars, and other small businesses. 

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