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Our Creators

Our Creators: Meet the Team

My most cherished childhood memories are centered around my Great-grandmother’s cooking in San Francisco, CA. Everything, and I mean everything, that came out of her kitchen was wrapped in comfort and laced with love. Family gatherings were extra special. A soundtrack of music and laughter blended with the amazing aromas of her cooking is what I enjoyed most.

This fueled my love for cooking and family. These are the key ingredients in Sweet Farm Syrup. Every product is created to bring a perfect balance of the comfort and the sweetness of life to your table.

Stacey Moore

Cooking is one of those things that just brings me joy! Seeing the look on my family’s and friends’ faces, as they delight in the food that I put love and soul into is simply heart warming.

In my community food is a big part of any celebration or gathering. Being able to contribute to the “chair dancing” that comes when my food is tasted, just feels like a “job well done”. We’ve enjoyed creating these one of a kind flavors and hope they add smiles to your tables.

Brittany Vaughan

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